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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The start of the Nursery....

Please over look the lack of decorations in the room. We bought our house a little over 4 years ago and our two extra bedrooms were neglected because I didn't wanna decorate and buy for a room I knew would soon be a nursery. Fast froward to present time and I finally get to decorate both rooms. The front room where all this furniture is going and now this one that will be the nursery.

DH had to fix a few spots in the wall that need some mud and new texture. Only thing is the can of texture decided it shoot at full blast on got everywhere. All down the wall where it wasn't needed and my floor. Luckily once dry it came off the floor pretty easily.

We have decided to paint the nursery a mocha color. I have never liked baby colors, light blues, yellow, pinks or greens for the walls. I figured with a color like this any color we go with will match. Pink, blue, purple, green, etc. Then we wont have to re paint in a few years once the babies are out of the baby stage. Hopefully we (DH) can paint this month some time because I really wanna go order furniture as soon as we find out the sex!!! I'm honestly surprised I haven't bought anything yet.

The closet where the filing cabinet use to be. I'm not sure why i didn't take a picture of it after we cleaned it out. It is a fairly big walk in closet especially now that its cleaned out.

This shot is of the closet door on the left, the door going into a jack & Jill bathroom (shared between two rooms) and then the door leading into the hall. Luckily they are all clumped together so it doesn't take up a lot of wall space.

I will keep you updated on any new progress. More pictures after we paint.

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  1. That's funny, I was totally like you before. I didn't want the nursery to look like a nursery. I never liked the "cutesy baby stuff" and "baby colours" before either. I bought neutral bedding and wanted to paint the walls and bluish grey.

    Then after I found out it was a boy and some time passed, I actually wanted things to be a little "cuter." I returned the bedding, bought stuff that was a bit cuter, and painted the nursery blue and green. Two walls and blue and two walls are green. My how things changed.