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Welcome to my blog! Me and DH are 27. We met at the end of our senior year in High School and married three years later on June 25 2005. We have been TTC for over 3 years. Now we are expecting twins in June. I hope to encourage and be encouraged through our journey.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog award!!

It was given to me by Ashley from Stealing Baby Kisses

Seven things about me:

1. I live in Texas on 10 1/2 acres with COWS and I love it!!
2. I love mowing grass and the way it smells just freshly cut.
3. I hate my hair everyday of the week and have no clue how to fix it.
4. I love Colorado, even though I have only been once.
5. I'm a home body.
6. I think I might be slightly OCD when it comes to my house.
7. Truly blessed by the LORD!!!!

So I'm tagging 7 ladies

Lauren @ Are we there yet
Kristi @ Our Miracle in the making...a great joy is coming
Al @ Mission Motherhood
Amber @ Great Anticipation
Julia @ Adam & Julia
Erin @ Life in the Dub Lane
Sarah @ To Him Belong

Sorry It wont let me add a link. Or either I'm retarded so any advice on adding links to others pages and adding my new lovely award to the side bar will be great.

Oh and HELLO to my new followers! Who knows I might get 20 before the babies come :)

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