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Welcome to my blog! Me and DH are 27. We met at the end of our senior year in High School and married three years later on June 25 2005. We have been TTC for over 3 years. Now we are expecting twins in June. I hope to encourage and be encouraged through our journey.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you ever......

been so tired or so out of it that you second guess yourself on whether or not you did something. This morning after I was done taking a shower I had to think hard on whether or not I actually did all of my routines. Shampoo, conditioner, brush teeth, etc.....I honestly went through my shower on auto pilot. Where my mind was I have no clue.

I have done this while driving home from work. After about 15-20 minutes of driving I will have this OMGosh moment, did I stop at that stop sign or was that light green when I went through it. Days like this can be scary considering I drive over and hour one way to work!

On a completely different note, today I'm officially 13 weeks!! Woo Hoo last week in the first trimester. I will be glad when I start getting some energy back.


  1. Yes, I have been that tired many times. Just wait until those babies are born! Your whole life will be like that.

  2. I have done that a couple of times. I am convinced that the babies steal your brain. Yes, I am itching all of the time. Just keep that lotion on. We are going to get huge, but it is so going to be worth it. I can't wait to hear what you are having!!!