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Monday, August 23, 2010

Hysteroscopy is Wednesday

I have the hysteroscopy Wednesday. If that could just come and go I think I will be alright. I have been pretty good about not worrying but now that it's getting closer I find my self getting worked up over it.

I hate how I completely freak out over the smallest thing, then once it's over I'm like that was nothing. I pray I will be able to say the same for this.

Once we have the Hysteroscopy we will set up a teaching session for IVF. After that it isn't long and I will be done with the BCP.

How do the stims work? Do you start them on or around CD3 like you would clomid? Or after AF is over?


  1. Good luck with your hysteroscopy. I hope everything goes well.

    I don't know exactly what protocol you're using, but you usually start stims once your ovaries have been supressed enough. They have to do bloodwork to figure that out. Aren't you going to go on lupron first (or something similar)??

  2. Well I was on Lupron...Lovenox...and prednisone when I was on still on BCP's....My last BCP was on 5/17 and I did have a baseline E2 on 5/21.....Then started Follistim on 5/26....and then added in my Menopur on 5/28.....Had my first US/E2 on 6/1 then daily monitoring...Egg Ret was 6/5 and x-fer was on 6/8....Not sure of your Protocol but this was mine...Hope this helps:) and P.S. your hysterscopy will go great no Worries...its a pretty quick and painfree procedure

  3. I wanna say I started my stims after, but it's been so long I can't really remember for sure. I will be praying for you Wednesday and sending along calming vibes. Good luck!