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Welcome to my blog! Me and DH are 27. We met at the end of our senior year in High School and married three years later on June 25 2005. We have been TTC for over 3 years. Now we are expecting twins in June. I hope to encourage and be encouraged through our journey.

Monday, August 16, 2010

DH and I came to a decision...

Friday was CD1 him and i had been discussing what we wanted to do about another IUI or start IVF. I couldn't come to peace about either of them. So Friday when i was showering i came up with what i felt good about. If i had more cyst and had to start BCP then we would move forward with IVF. If not then we would have our last IUI.

Surprise Surprise two large cyst on my right ovary. I feel good about moving forward with IVF vs IUI. The only thing I'm nervous about is the hysteroscopy (sp). I have never been put to sleep in my life. All I can think about is that tube going down my throat!!!!

Hysteroscopy is where they insert a camera into the cervix to check everything out and make sure that there wont be any problems with the eggs implanting. They could do a saline US where they insert a catheter with a small balloon on the end. My RE said he would rather do the other cause it is more detailed, plus if they were to find anything they can remove it right there.

I know that most people in my shoes would have taken the FREE IUI but I chalk it up to intuition. I have never had a good feeling about IUI's. So moving forward makes me so happy. Especially to think that on Fathers day next year we could either have a little one or have a big belly.


  1. I'm glad you feel good about your next steps. I hope you DO have a little one or a big belly next father's day!

  2. Sometimes you just know when its time to move forward and it must be your time....You will do great with the hysto...its very fast and simple procedure:) No worries....Im very excited for you and and your next step towards baby...if you have any IVF questions dont hesitate to ask:)

  3. Great way to come to a decision and I'm glad you both feel at peace about it.

  4. I like the way you make decisions. like flipping a coin! I do the same thing sometimes. I hope you have great results w/IVF!!