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Monday, October 4, 2010

I boldly confess......

today is my last day as a non pregnant woman! I have faith this time will be it. Tomorrow morning I go in for our transfer, we will be putting back 2 embabies.

On Thursday of last week they were able to retrieve 15 eggs. Out of those 15, 12 were mature and they were able to fertilize 11.

I will find out today what time my transfer is tomorrow and how many made it over the weekend. Hopefully we will have some we will be able to freeze.

I start bed rest tomorrow. Any suggestions. What did and didn't you do? I can have one shower in the three days and I'm allowed to get up brush my teeth and wash my face each morning. If you were allowed a shower, did you take it? Did you keep yourself on bedrest longer? How did you keep yourselves occupied? I don't have internet at my house...

Thanks in advance for all of your support and suggestions.


  1. First, congrats! As far as bedrest goes there is a lot of controversy with it. Some clinics say 1 day, some 2 days, others it's business as usual. The thought is that it's important to have the normal standing/sitting pressure of the uterus around the embroys. So, basically, too much bed rest could be a bad thing. Taking that all into account, I 'rested' but I didn't beat myself up if I went to the restroom and then stopped to warm up a bite to eat. I read books, knit and had hubby get me a bunch of movies from the library.

  2. Well, I was never on bedREST, but I was bedRIDDEN during the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. I watched a lot of TV. Can you buy or rent DVDs of seasons of shows you've never watched but heard were good? Or even shows you liked in the past but haven't watched for awhile? Other than that, reading is good. It sucks that you don't have the internet at home!!

    Good luck with the transfer! I'll be thinking of you and crossing all of my crossables that this is it! As of tomorrow you are PUPO!

  3. My RE said rest that day business as usual after. But no working up a sweat and no stairs. I listened to them my 1st cycle. My 2nd one I was stricter on myself. I didn't shower for 3 days... Gross I know. I stayed in bed for 3 days except to use the bathroom, brush teeth, wash my face. I had my feet propped up as much as possible. Good luck!! :) can't wait to hear your great news! :) I also ate pineapple both times as I heard that is suppose to help implantation. Who knows?! :)

  4. I would rent a T.V series or create a movie marathon...I watched Sex and the City series...pretty light hearted and funny didnt make me focus to much:) and I did follow the bedrest thing pretty strict this last time but only because I wanted to be able to look back and say I did everything as I should have since this was it for us....I did shower and would get up to wash my face and go to the bathroom...but what three days in reality but after the three days I was still on restrictions because of my job so I wasnt able to work and I did enough but didnt over do it either...Everybodys different you just have to do whats comfortable for you:) Coming this far in this process you will know what is to much and will learn your limits....With that many eggies your Ovaries will take some time to go back to normal....Anyway enjoy being PUPO!!!!!

  5. How exciting, praying for you and those babies being transfered!! I normally read and I had dh set up my laptop to watch dvd's on plus we moved a small tv into our bedroom to occupy the time. Excited to hear an update!!

    BTW, I gave you an award on my blog, go check it out!