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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Such a roller coaster....

The past few days have been so crazy! Sorry for such a long post!

First off my hubs loves his Gan.der Moun.tain Credit Card. He gets points every time we use it and then they send him a gift card for the store after we have accumulated so many points. So you can imagine how excited he was that I have been putting all our medicals bill on the card. Well two weeks ago when I went in for our teaching session and for them to test my Thyroid I paid a certain amount on the card and then planned on paying the rest today. I made sure I paid the bill Monday so we would have a zero balance for today. I even checked it yesterday online to make sure the payment posted, it had. So this morning when I tried to pay, DECLINED!!!! Twice. How embarrassing! I called and of course you can't get a human to save your life, I even tried the "cancel your card" option thinking that would definitely get me a person. Nope.

After I got back to work I tried calling again. I don't remember the actual option I pressed but luckily I got a human. So after all the calling and waiting she told me I'm not the account holder (DH is) and she can't tell me anything. Its privacy laws. So I said, let me get this right, I can spends thousands of dollars and pay the bill but you can't tell me why its declining with a zero balance???? Her reply was: we are open until nine if you would like your husband to call then. AHHHHHHHH

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company. Anytime I go to the doctor and use insurance it will send me a letter showing how much my copay was and if I owe anything to the doctor. Well as you all know I had the hysteroscopy two weeks ago. So the letter I got yesterday was showing the details from that. I had to meet a 350.00 deductible and other than that I was told I shouldn't have to pay anything else, since I had insurance.

The letter yesterday said after my 350.00 deductible they (my craptacular insurance) only paid 347.00 of the 6,067.00 charge! So you (me) owe the surgery center 5,719.00 WHAT?!?!?! Start of mini heart attach and mental break down!!!

This morning when I went to the doctor I asked about it, so she gave me their billing centers number. I called and explained the letter I got. She chuckled and said let me guess, it says you owe thousand of dollars. Me: yes, 5,719.00 to be exact. Her: Just disregard the bill all you owe was the 350.00. Your insurance sent that because our surgery center is considered out of network. Me: chocking back tears said thank you and hung up. I literally cried afterwards! I was so relieved

PS- we didn't close yesterday on the refi. LONG story but it was becuase of .40 cents! Yep you read that right! Everything is situated so hopfully at 5:00pm today we will close.


  1. All this is very frustrating....I have heard alot of people not being able to close ovr silly reasons....Good Luck with the thyroid test I def know you want that in order before becoming prego because it can affect pregnancy and I do not have any thyroid issues but I know on the immune boards women talk abt thyroid issues and miscarriage....so I guess being that thyroid is an immune issue they go hand in hand....I have PCOS....clotting disorders....APA....and elevated NK cells....all immune issues which let to all of my miscarriages....Beside the thyroid have they ever tested you for these other things?

  2. Oh wow! I hate ins companies and CC companies. It's funny how you can spend the money, pay the bill and yet they still won't give you any info.

    I hope everything went good with the closing.{something else I hate} Have a good week!

  3. WOW! What a day. I think that everyone has troubles with their ins company at some point. It's ridiculous... they are ridiculous! :)
    As for the home refi... that just stinks, but I am glad that they worked it all out. We finally got an offer on our house yesterday. Now we are going to deal with the same issues soon. :) Praying that today is MUCH better for you! :)