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Welcome to my blog! Me and DH are 27. We met at the end of our senior year in High School and married three years later on June 25 2005. We have been TTC for over 3 years. Now we are expecting twins in June. I hope to encourage and be encouraged through our journey.

Monday, April 11, 2011

1 Month 4/8/11

So many things to update you on. First off this entire journey is a roller coaster. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

The girls have been doing really good for a little over a week! Praise GOD! Harper got really sick two weeks ago. When these little ones get sick they ride a fine line. It was a stressful week to say the least. She had an infection, her kidneys stopped working, she had major damage done to her nose from the CPAP (little mask that gives her oxygen), she also had a ART line which is like an IV that goes straight into the artery. Once they took the ART line out blood flow stopped to her left foot. It has gotten so much better. In the beginning they thought she might lose her left foot! With lots of answered prayers her foot will be fine and her nose is healing. They did call in a plastic surgeon to monitor the progress in case she needs some sort of surgery in the future (yes it was that bad).

In my last post I told you how our precious Paisley had a grade 2 brain bleed?! Well Our GOD is awesome and when they did the repeat scan to check the progress they can't see where she even had one!!!!!!! NO BLEED AT ALL!!!

I know I haven't been posting but know that I still think of all of you often and wish my computer wasn't junk and I could get on the Internet more. Today I'm using the hospital computer :).

I have been wanting to post pictures of the girls because they are absolutley beautiful (I'm so a MOM)! but i'm a little nervous about posting pictures of them with all there little tubes and IV's. I wont even let my family take pictures of them. I'm a little protective of them right now. I promise I will post a picture soon....my soon might be in a month or two once most of the tubes are gone. My due date was June 23 so thats about how long the girls will be in the hospital.


  1. I think of you and your girls all the time and every time I do I say a prayer. And I'm not just saying that! It's totally ok to feel protective of them with pictures. I took pictures of Brayden, but I didn't want any pictures of him with lots of tubes etc on the internet. Praise the Lord for the great news!! Praying for strength for you and your husband and that the girls will continue to get bigger and stronger!

  2. Praise God for all the answered prayer so far! Praying for strength for you and dh, plus protection over those two precious miracles!

  3. Amber,

    I am so happy to see a post from you. I think of you and your girls all of the time. Each day when I look at the blog list I hope to see an update from you. I am so happy to hear that the girls are continuing to get better and grow. I know how hard this must be on you. They are little troopers. God is a gracious and loving God and He is working miracles daily in your life. I can't wait to see the little angels. Keep up your strength and know that you and your family are in my continue prayers. I am so happy to hear that they are doing so well. Keep it up Harper and Paisley!!!!!

  4. Amber I am so happy the girls are fighting away...that is wonderful news! I think of you daily and so glad to read such a positive and uplifting post...I have never personally gone through what you are but went through it with a friend and know how emotional tolling it can be....I told my friend about you actually and one thing she said is to make sure you take a day for you every now and then where you can remove yourself. She wished she had done this because she said it would have helped so much. Anyways I will continue to pray that you and your hubs continue to draw strenght while going through this journey and that the girls continue to fight and get bigger/healthier each day! Hugs to you:)

  5. OH also hope the pumping is going better for you too!

  6. I'm so glad they're doing well! Like Ashley, I think of you everyday and pray for those little girls every single time. I'm glad they're doing well!!

    I will for sure email you if anything big happens! Not that I'm holding my breath:)

  7. Amber, thank you so much for posting! I've been worried, but still fervently praying for you and those beautiful girls!

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Paisley's brain bleed is gone! Amazing! I'll keep praying for your two sweet girls - I can imagine that it would be a crazy roller coaster to go through what you're going through.

  9. Praying these girls get bigger and stronger each & everyday ... I cannot imagine what you are going through ... and you should do what you feel right in regards to the pictures. We cannot wait to see the babies - whenever you feel ready to show them!

  10. so so happy to hear this update and that both girls are getting stronger by the day.

  11. Even if you don't post the pictures, make sure you take plenty of them!

    Once you're out of the woods, you will want to have those fond memories of how small the girls once were.

    I only just started following your story, but I have such faith that your girls are going to be just fine. Keep your chin up and soak in every moment with them!

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Hey girl been thinking of you and the girls alot lately hope they are getting bigger and stronger everyday:)